The journey of becoming an artist, author, and
teacher has revealed more about myself and the
meaning of my life than any accomplishments
along the way.

One story begins with realizing, as a young child, that I was an artist. When my focus became weaving, I took the necessary steps to eventually be proficient at the craft. I was introduced to weaving in Nantucket, Massachusetts, by Swedish weaver Marguretta Grandin-Nettles. I decided to study weaving in Sweden at the renowned craft schools, Säterglantan in Injon and Capellagården in Öland. Three years later I returned to the US where I began a career weaving tapestry commissions, rugs, and textiles for the home. 

I have exhibited in museums and galleries and taught workshops in Swedish weaving techniques. I moved from Nantucket to Sweden, then Washington, DC, and Takoma Park, Maryland, and today I reside with my husband on Vashon Island in Washington state. The subtext to this first story: while pursuing a career in art, I discovered my golden thread calling––my true purpose––is creating wholeness. Everything I learned from my first story fueled my curiosity and decision to find out what was influencing me to pursue a focus that was more a labor of love than a wise business decision. A new chapter of my life began when I seriously reflected on my experiences of the craft.

The cyclic integrative patterns of weaving create whole fabrics, which is also true of Nature’s process of weaving the web of life. I learned the wisdom of the unwritten book from an artform, where the main concern is every strand  contributing to the whole fabric. The more I wove, I saw how each fiber is both a single thread in a textile and the whole cloth that it weaves. This developed into a tactile or multi-perceptual, evolutionary perspective. Today I relate to people as having a similar story to mine—we find our way in the world with all of its challenges, and I also see the uncelebrated story or subtext to the main story. It is the tale of unexpectedly sensing and feeling the whole fabric that we are part of and eternally express as our true being. It has taken me twenty-four years and many seasons and cycles of weaving fabrics and weaving thought-strands together to integrate those strands into what has become the Unwritten Book: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution.
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