We Must Have Something Life Needs
My niece recently told me: “I approach everything expecting something to go wrong.” Certainly, this would prepare her for the worst in all situations! But I felt a wave of sadness. Something gets lost with this focus. She is not alone in having alternative arrangements when plans A and B don’t pan out. We are all trying to live our lives during a pandemic, a period of great social change, and global warming. It is prudent to assess the threats and work to protect ourselves, yet there may be more we can do to ensure things will go right.


Consider what might be possible from an evolutionary perspective. If human nature is part of Nature, we must have something that life needs. If we found out what this could be, would this make a difference? The premise of The Unwritten Book: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution is Nature may be experimenting with a creature who can become universal self-conscious and guided. Why is it important that mystically, scientifically, and philosophically it’s been proven, all-is-one? What if we chose to respond to our own impulse and attraction to make a difference? Would living aware of the oneness of life be enough? Responding could make our lives work interdependently. Why not!


Rarely has the average citizen been considered essential to the evolutionary process of sustaining, maintaining, and coevolving the world. The Unwritten Book follows the golden thread of your own experiences of universal connection, purpose, and self-awareness. Our great mystery: What could happen if we chose to fully respond. My niece could not know what the effects of following her thread might be. When it is an evolutionary impulse, however, the rest of her life could take care of itself—interdependently.



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