A Cascade of Mass Liberations


Why wouldn’t the inner experience of universal interconnectedness change everything when it is expressed unapologetically? There is no need for a gap between what we see, say, and do in our lives and in the world. Tragically there are many who might respond but cannot, due to personal circumstances or an oppressive political system which suppresses individual self-expression.


The Unwritten Book: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution connects the potential to see, be, and become increasingly universal self-conscious and guided with the golden thread of an evolutionary pathway. It is free of political, economic, and nationalistic influences which tend to be divisive and self-serving. Anyone who can and does react to their inner impulse and attraction – to reflect their combined personal and universal quality of being – will automatically become a liberating force of Nature. In her world the one and many are the same but not in ours. Who else and how else could a cascade of mass liberations tumble free of the paralyzing dynamics of implicit and systemic biases?


Organic personal conscious evolution is the invisible work of planetary transformation when we silently choose to honor our deepest impulses and attractions. Being and becoming a likeness to your inner sensation and intuition that all is one could close the gap between what we know instinctually and emotionally in our hearts and think with our heads.



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