I Am Not a Saint!


The far-reaching effects of COVID-19 and its variants are its tragic human cost. Our life’s golden thread weaves us into the evolutionary web which renews, reorganizes, and continuously restores wholeness to its fabric. Following your thread, therefore, is a way to heal and transform a broken-hearted world, through surrender to its attractive force. Can you detect waves of subtle universal self-awareness flowing through you? It pulses beneath the not-so-subtle tragedies which are taking place in plain sight.


An organic personal conscious evolution supports becoming restored by the agency of your own evolutionary urgency to respond.


The Unwritten Book weaves tapestries of thought which show connections between our daily decisions and their possible beneficial impacts on our surroundings. Part Two, Conscious Evolutionary Perspective opens with theorist Ervin Laszlo’s scientific view on our period in human and planetary history, as both fates are irrevocably intertwined. Through the lens of chaos theory, he tells us the world has entered a major chaos window. He renames this evolutionary portal—a human decision window.


A saint, I am told, knows every moment is a crisis. It is an existential apocalypse. This relates to an intense experience of personal rebirth the moment you choose to act on a combined universal and personal sense of wholeness. The Unwritten Book: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution seeks to normalize this decision while we still have a (chaos) window of opportunity.


I am not a saint! Most of us feel we do not qualify. Let’s give ourselves more credit for the huge potential to transform with (evolutionary) love-guided impulses to include, unify, and see all as one.


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