Stay Still—Stay Put


I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest which gets furious windstorms in November. Yesterday there was such a storm and the entire island lost power. I was on my computer at the time when I realized the internet was down due to the outage. For a moment I experienced panic over losing a source of information and connection which I have come to rely on. I felt cut adrift from the memory of a world that this knowledge serves to delineate, define, and manifest. Instead of reaching for the generator to regain power, I stayed still—I stayed put.


The beauty of the drenched woods with tossing trees shedding droplets of water – each sparkling intensely with a burst of sunshine breaking through – was a stunning reminder: The world of Nature beyond the computer screen does not vanish—ever. Nor does the living-wisdom of the oneness of life become interrupted. Nature consistently makes good on her promise to sustain, maintain, and coevolve with all the strands which weave her web. Its pulsing structure never quits during a violent storm.


The Unwritten Book cultivates the seeds and strands of a recollection that has no past. It turns our attention to the many ways we are responding to universal self-awareness and this essential gnosis: The one and the many are two sides of an identity coin.


When we fall out of the Cloud of the internet, when its structure falls apart…Stay still, stay put. The Unwritten Book might help you remember why you are here.


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